Walon Cab

Table of Contents

About me

Working in graphics projects mainly with the Unity 3D engine. Some of the topics I am interested and spend time researching are:

  1. Splines & Bezier Lines
  2. Animation & Kinematics
  3. Procedural content generation
  4. Component architecture
  5. Simple user interface


These are some of the projects published in the unity asset store. They are related to spline and line animations.

Working on

Currently working in the S-Lines framework that support the assets you can see in the store. These are some of the topics in which I'm trying to push forward:

  1. Algorithms optimization
  2. Animation graphs
  3. Procedural line extension
  4. Runtime line iteration
  5. Defined architecture for extensible components
  6. Reactive oriented software
  7. S-Lines documentation
  8. UML specifications



Asset Store

Keep on searching into the best asset on the asset store:

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